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Szymon Szczepankowski : How Buddy Can Make Your AWS Experience Better

Keeping track of Amazon Web Services changes can be a fulltime job. In 2018 there was an average of four new features and changes a day! While that is good news, and it means that the AWS experience is continually improving, it doesn’t make it easy to stay up to date. Understanding new changes and how to best utilize them takes time that most people don’t have. That’s why there is Buddy.

Buddy is a plug-and-play AWS focused DevOps platform. Our mission is to keep a continually updated catalog of all AWS updates and changes. By doing so we make it easy for our customers to stay continually up to date without having to do the manual work of tracking each change.

Also, we like to remind everyone of the continued pace of innovation at AWS. In all of 2013 there were only 280 updates while by 2018 that number had risen to almost 1,500. There is no evidence of that trend slowing down which means that as the years go by it’s only going to get more difficult to keep track of all of the new improvements. This is worth keeping in mind when considering whether a partnership with Buddy is right for your firm.

Buddy CEO to Speak in Warsaw

With that in mind we are pleased to announce that Buddy’s CEO, Szymon Szczepankowski, will be speaking in Warsaw on May 30th at Expo XXI, Warsaw. The topic for his talk will be an introduction of what Buddy does and how we’ve been integrating with other service providers.

Docplanner for instance is a software company that makes it easier to find a doctor and book a visit at their office. They have penetration not only in Warsaw but also Rome, Mexico City, Istanbul as well as a handful of other cities around the world. With 30 million patients using their platform, Docplanner has been very successful and they depend on Buddy to help them stay up to date with all recent AWS changes.

Our partnership with Docplanner has proven invaluable and we’re hoping that this talk will help to expound upon the services that Buddy offers and let other software companies know about how they can simplify their AWS experience by working with us. We’re always looking for ways to reach out to software professionals and we’re hoping to leave a positive impression on Warsaw.