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Buddy Burns 6 Billion BUD Tokens on Schedule

Two weeks ago we announced our plan to burn 5 billion BUD as part of our ongoing effort to make BUD one of the most valuable and useful tokens on the market. Today we’re happy to announce that the burn was successful and can be publicly verified on Etherscan.

Not only was the burn successful, we actually ended up burning a total of 5,949,500,000 tokens, or, almost a full billion more than was originally agreed upon. This was done in the hope of further enhancing investor value in Buddy and, frankly, because the project is moving forward even faster than we anticipated! This burn of nearly 6 billion tokens marks the third token burn in Buddy’s history and it’s a sign of how seriously we understand that our investors play a crucial role in taking Buddy to the next level. We believe that with our open ecosystem and focus on empowering developers to make high quality apps with the minimum amount of effort, Buddy has a real shot at becoming the standard in web development.

Buddy Cares About its Investors

Although this token burn did represent a significant destruction in the number of circulating BUD tokens, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get involved with the project. As development continues to unfold and new partnerships are forged, Buddy is going to continue looking for ways to help our investors to get the return on investment that they’re looking for. Of course that doesn’t just mean token burns, although there are more of those to come, but also just a continued focus on growth in the ecosystem.

One of the announcements that we’re most proud of is our recent partnership with the IDEX decentralized exchange.

Buddy investors can now connect to the exchange through MetaMask and trade BUD tokens without having to trust a third party. That’s big news and it’s especially important as we see the control that large centralized exchanges have with the likes of Binance and Kraken delisting coins like Bitcoin Cash SV. Not that we believe BUD is in danger of being delisted, however, decentralized exchanges represent the very best ideals of the cryptocurrency space and we’re proud that BUD is now listed on one.

To learn more about upcoming token burns and developments to Buddy, be sure to check our blog. We post regularly about all of the latest developments to the project and we’re just as excited as you are to see Buddy become the widely recognized project that we believe it’s capable of being.