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BUD Partners with IDEX to Offer Decentralized Trading

Buddy is proud to announce a new partnership with the IDEX exchange. With this new decentralized trading corridor we’re expecting an increase in trading volume as we give more investors a chance to gain exposure to the BUD token. We believe that the future will be powered by blockchain technology and this listing is another step towards making that future a reality.

Why We’ve Partnered with the IDEX Exchange

Getting BUD listed on the IDEX exchange was an easy decision. IDEX is a decentralized exchange with the speed and intuitive user interface of a centralized exchange, but the security of blockchain settlement. It’s the first real-time decentralized exchange and currently, judging by daily users and volume, the number one Dapp in the world.

Currently the IDEX team is working on their Aura Staking system which, when completed, will remove the last centralized components and create an exchange which is capable of running entirely on it’s own. An exchange that cannot be shut down or interfered with.

That’s why we’re so excited about the partnership and the chance to be associated with the future of decentralized finance! Furthermore Aura, the company behind IDEX, has a vision for an entire suite of financial products. As that ecosystem develops and they begin to offer more options to traders and investors, we look forward to working together to help them grow. On our end we’ll always be striving to increase the cryptocurrency sector’s exposure to the great benefits of the Buddy platform.

Trading BUD on IDEX

Currently BUD can be traded with two different pairs on the IDEX exchange: Ethereum (ETH) or Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC). As the IDEX exchange grows and attracts new users, and trading volume on the BUD token increases, there is a chance that new trading pairs will be introduced to give investors even more options. DAI, for example, is a popular coin on the IDEX exchange and we would like to see BUD trading against it in the future.

One of our favorites features of trading on the IDEX exchange is that it can be connected directly with a MetaMask or Ledger wallet. That ensures that deposits happen seamlessly and that there is no chance of sending funds to an incorrect address. Once the funds are deposited to IDEX they can be easily traded and withdrawn, as long as the minimum withdrawal amount is met. We hope that you give this exchange a try and we look forward to hearing back from our users about the decentralized trading experience.