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Buddy Listed on Etherscan

Etherscan is the most popular block explorer for the Ethereum blockchain. It functions like a giant search engine allowing users to see and confirm transactions that have taken place on Ethereum. In addition, Etherscan is an important resource for ERC20 token holders as it allows them to see their token balances and monitor transactions. Given its popularity and recognition in the cryptocurrency sector, we’re proud to announce BUD’s listing on the platform.

Buddy Token is Now on Etherscan

At Buddy we believe in doing everything we can to make the BUD token accessible to investors. To that end we are happy to announce our listing on Etherscan. Our users will now be able to instantly track and confirm transactions, as well as keep track of their BUD balance on a platform that they’re familiar with.

This listing is a step in the right direction for Buddy because, like our listing on CoinMarketCap, it legitimizes our project in the eyes of the cryptocurrency space. A listing on Etherscan proves that we’re a project with real potential that is focused on long term growth and mass adoption.

Further, being on Etherscan will make it even easier to keep track of transactions coming and going to the decentralized IDEX exchange, another new partnership that we’re proud to announce.

Like CoinMarketCap, Etherscan is run by a small team of blockchain enthusiasts. These team members operate independently of the Ethereum Foundation and have a specific criteria for determining what tokens get listed on their website. Financial incentives are not considered, only the strength of the project, so getting listed is another indication that Buddy is heading in the right direction.

Future Adoption

As Buddy grows in popularity one thing we’re looking forward to is collaboration with other blockchain and traditional tech companies. As that happens we believe that Etherscan’s powerful API tools will make it easy for websites to integrate data about the BUD token. For example, if a website wants to list wallet balances or a regularly updated transaction stream it will be easy to do so.

The simpler it is to interact with the BUD token, the more compelling the case for adoption will be. Here at Buddy we’re looking forward to that as we seek to revolution the data storage industry.