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CoinDeal to Support BUD Trading

As you’re probably already aware, Buddy is an ICO which has its roots in Poland. Our company headquarters are in Poland and most of our team members are Polish. That’s why we’re especially proud to announce our new exchange partnership with CoinDeal.

CoinDeal is a cryptocurrency exchange founded by three Poles and it’s one of the few exchanges with support not only for USD deposits but also Polish Zloty and Russian Rubles. With these Fiat onramps it will be easier than ever to invest in BUD, especially for our users in Eastern Europe.

Increasing Investor Interest in Buddy

As CoinDeal points out on their website, “what distinguishes us from others [exchanges] is that we allow our users to choose new cryptocurrency by voting.” We think that that’s a great approach to getting new coins listed and we’re honored that out of the hundreds of projects available to choose from Buddy was selected. This listing proves that we’re moving forward and that more and more people are learning about and getting interested in Buddy.

Launched in March of 2018, CoinDeal is one of the newer exchanges on the market. However, that hasn’t stopped them from capturing a healthy percentage of the cryptocurrency trading market. According to CoinDeal’s about us page, “our daily volume gives us a place among the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world according to the CoinMarketCap ranking.”

That’s good news for Buddy investors as it means exposure to a new segment of the market and the potential for a healthy increase in volume, especially once we leave the bear market behind us for good.

The CoinDeal Exchange and Their Security Pledge

Cryptocurrency exchanges are notorious for getting hacked and reports indicate that losses amount to hundreds of millions of dollars every year. CoinDeal takes that threat seriously and they go above and beyond to protect their trader’s funds. On their website they state that, “our platform is secured by the most advanced SSL standard incorporated together with Cloudflare security features. Exchange funds are stored in 90% in the cold wallets protected by Multisignature.”

We’re glad to partner with an exchange who puts security first and storing funds in cold storage is a sure way to prevent against theft. That’s not all CoinDeal does however. They also have another two features which ensure that you never lose any BUD.

First, they make two factor authentication mandatory on all accounts. That’s great because it protects against investor level breaches where a bad actor steals a password and attempts to drain your wallet. If you’re not familiar with Google Authenticator it’s an easy way to set up two factor authentication so that you don’t have to worry about receiving a text each time you log in.

Second, CoinDeal keeps a whitelist of IP addresses that are associated with your account. If someone tries to log in from an unfamiliar IP address CoinDeal sends out a confirmation email to make sure it’s you logging in. While this can add a few seconds to the sign in process, especially if you use a lot of different networks, combined with two factor authentication it goes a long way towards preventing malicious logins.

While it’s always best practice, no matter which exchange, to keep your BUD tokens in your own wallet and not on an exchange, we believe that CoinDeal does a great job of securing their assets and any BUD you deposit or buy there will be well protected. If you’re ready to give CoinDeal a try you can sign up today to start trading in minutes. Don’t forget to let us know on Twitter what you think!