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Buddy at Demo Asia

Demo Asia is an annual tech start-up event organized by CYzone, one of the biggest start-up publishers in China.

The 2018 Demo Asia summit, themed “Innovation without Boundary” was held at Singapore’s Sands Expo & Convention Center on September 18th. Singapore has become Asia’s first choice for innovative Chinese companies to deploy international markets. At the summit, were gathered many industry elites, leading investors and corporate executives to share information about many trending topics in the tech industry and various start-up businesses in Asia.

buddy - Demo Asia Sands Expo & Convention Center

Buddy and its team were invited to speak about Buddy cloud before Demo Asia’s massive audience. Our presentation was anchored by our CEO, Simon Szczepankowski who made a terrific impression on the audience about Buddy’s idea and functionalities. Some of the critical points Simon made during the presentation are illustrated below:

buddy - Demo Asia Presentation of Buddy team

buddy - Demo Asia

The Current Cloud Market

The cloud has been growing astronomically over the past few years. With an annual growth of about 4%, the cloud market is projected to be as big as $411 billion by 2020. However, 80% of the infrastructure behind cloud hosting today is currently owned by ‘the big three,’ Google, Amazon, and Microsoft - this is why the cloud market is highly centralized as it is. For all its convenience, using these cloud hosting services is far more expensive than getting your own equipment.

buddy - Demo Asia

Buddy’s Idea

Buddy cloud is to be a significant tool in the growing efforts for a decentralized web – the unstoppable web, otherwise known as Web3. The idea is to revolutionize data hosting with distributed data centers. This way, we can create many local internets all over the world. These data centers will be connected using Buddys blockchain which brings transparency between the datacents & the users, so finally Buddy’s vision is to bring this technology to millions of businesses and individuals. Consequently, we are bringing the owners of data and their data closer, resolving issues of trust and providing a better way of hosting data. Buddy uses edge computing to deliver data to these data centers and provides interface assets between users and their local data centers. Our plan is to start with hosting of static websites, but there is also the potential for more functionalities like cloud hosting for app developers, crypto miners and other users of computation intensive processes.

Data centers can now be back in the business by joining buddy cloud and sharing their resources by lending them to those in need of them. These computing resources can now pay for themselves and even more. All existing websites and apps can be easily migrated to Buddy cloud without the need for any additional development effort. Buddy is easily and infinitely scalable and has no TPS issues.

buddy - Demo Asia

Buddy is already gaining grounds on the international stage with thousands of users all over the world already.

Buddy is currently the leading app developers use to build Blockchain apps faster.

buddy - Demo Asia

buddy - Demo Asia

Buddy up there on the performance leaderboard